Restaurant Week Brunch – All’onda

I had first visited All’onda when it opened last year for the Boyfriend’s birthday. All’onda had caught our eye since the head chef used to work with the Altamarea Group, which we’re a little obsessed with. I was pleasantly surprised by my meal – the Ventian-Asian inspired flavors were refreshingly new and different. When Restaurant Week (or month?) rolled around, I opted for brunch reservations to All’onda so my mom could give them try since I’ve also been introducing her to several Altamarea restaurants.
We arrived on time for our 1pm reservation for Sunday Brunch and was promptly seated upstairs in a booth table. I love sitting at booth tables because they give me so much room to sit back, relax, and enjoy my meal. All’onda’s Restaurant Week Brunch menu offers four appetizer, five entrée, and three dessert options, which is a lot more choices than most RW restaurants!
For my appetizer, I opted for the Stracciatella with salsa verde, plums, and grilled sourdough. The stracciatella was smooth and very mild. The salsa verde and plums gave the otherwise flavorless cheese a nice kick. The portion size is generous and I actually could’ve used another slice of sourdough.
My sister and mom both went with the Polpetti alla Veneziana, or veal meatballs with tomato and parmigiano fonduta. The meatballs were very tender and airy. The sauce was really nice – I think I saw some bonito flakes on top of the meatballs, which was an interesting addition. I think this was the best appetizer on the menu.
For my entrée, I had the Bucatini with smoked uni and spicy bread crumbs. The bucatini is one of their most popular pasta dishes so I knew I had to try it. For the Restaurant Week menu, there is a market price supplement charge, which ended up being $7 per dish for us. The dish was divine! For uni lovers, this is a special treat. The pasta is cooked to a perfect al dente and is super creamy. There is a generous portion of uni tongues dispersed throughout the dish. I highly recommend this!
My sister opted for their Pollo al Limone, or roasted lemon chicken with braised kale and pan sauce. I think this is the RW menu option that provides the biggest potion size. The chicken was very tender and not tough at all, which can happen to chicken breast. The kale was too salty for all of us, but we were pretty much full from our appetizers and entrees to even finish the kale!
For dessert, both my mom and I had the Olive Oil Cake with ricotta gelato, strawberry, and basil seeds. I’ve had this dish before so I knew what I was getting. The olive oil cake is soft and light and pairs well with the ricotta gelato. I always enjoy this dish because it’s not too sweet and is a nice, light finish to a savory meal.
My sister ordered the Bellini Sundae with Prosecco sorbet and peaches. The Prosecco sorbet was a bit melted when it arrived so the pictures aren’t terribly appetizing but it was a very tasty dessert. The Prosecco gave the sorbet a bubbly texture and ensured it wasn’t too sweet. I just wish it wasn’t so melted by the time we began eating it!
Service was attentive and we were able to sit and chat during brunch without being rushed. I highly recommend visiting during Restaurant Week to take advantage of the reducing pricing of the Bucatini with Uni. I remember the market price surcharge being pretty hefty the last time I visited!

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