In the years past, I’ve always made my annual Smorgasburg visit in early May – to beat the heat and the crowds. This year, since I was waiting for my cousin and his niece, we didn’t end up going until mid-June. If you’re going anytime during the summer months of late-June, July, or August, be sure to wear a lot of sunscreen and go early! In the earlier months of April and May, it doesn’t begin to get crowded until closer to 1:30/2:00. But in the summer, you definitely need to go at 11:00am to beat the crowds and the lines!

We walked around a little bit before I settled on what I wanted to try. My first order of business was Big Mozz Sticks for their fresh, made-to-order mozzarella sticks (4 long sticks for $8.00). Last year at Smorgasburg, Big Mozz was serving these delicious freshly made mozzarella bombs with pesto on the inside. Their new product this year did not disappoint at all. The mozzarella was gooey and cheesy and the mozz sticks just felt fresh and light – nothing like pizzerias at all.


My second order of business was to finally try the chicken wings at Dan & John’s Wings, which has been a Smorgasburg regular for years now. I ordered their boneless wings (5 pieces for $8.00) with mild sauce since I’m not a huge spice person. The wings were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside – a perfect combination.


To combat the growing heat, I had one of my two usual drink vendors – Brooklyn Soda Works (my other being Kelvin Slush). I’ve had their blueberry soda before so this time I opted to try the Cherry Vanilla ($5.00), which was delightful. It kind of tasted like if you mashed a Cherry Coke and a Vanilla Coke together, which is awesome because they’re my two favorite flavors of soda.


After we finished chowing down on the savory goodies, we moved onto the dessert portion of our trip. First up, gai dan jai, or egg waffles. Gai dan jai is a childhood staple for many Chinese kids, myself included. Back when I was younger, they used to be everywhere in Chinatown. Now there’s probably one stand on Canal Street and my favorite little old man cart on Grand Street (he’s only there on odd days now). So when the egg waffle cone craze started, I was super excited! I’ve had Eggloo, so I knew I had to try Wowfulls. We had their Wowfulls Creation ($9.00), which features Matcha Green Tea Gai Dan Jai with white chocolate chips inside and your choice of vanilla ice cream or their crazy ice cream. It’s all topped with mocha, green tea Pocky, and a drizzle of your choice. We opted for the fruity pebbles dust. The end result is this crispy egg waffle with delicious ice cream in the middle. The mochi was soft and the waffle was perfectly made.


I also made a pit stop at Baonanas before we left. Baonanas sells “light and fluffy puddings”, according to their banner. I do have to agree – the puddings are, indeed, very light a fluffy. I opted for the double scoop ($7.00), because it allowed me to pick two flavors. They let you try one and I opted to try their Lychee Rose flavor. It was pretty good – but I also wanted to try their banana, which is their signature and most popular. I felt that both were tasty – but the Lychee Rose was definitely lighter and less sweet.


All in all, I think it was a very successful Smorgasburg visit. We’ll be back in September to give some of the other places a try – I especially want to try the new kids on the block – Jianbing Co. for their Shanghai-inspired street food.


August Gatherings

Chinese New Years always means a family dinner with the Boyfriend and his group of childhood friends and family. We’ve hopped around various Chinese restaurants in both Chinatown, Manhattan and on 8th Avenue, Brooklyn – usually eating somewhere new every year. This year, one of his family friends suggested August Gatherings on Canal Street. We’ve been to the previous restaurant before but it has now been revamped with new management and a new cook lineup.

I had brought two bottles of wine for dinner and the servers were super nice about helping us open them and providing wine glasses. The tiny snacks on the table – kimchi cucumbers, pickled turnips, and peanuts were all pretty tasty. We were all still munching on the delicious cucumbers when the food started arriving – our menu was already decided for us by management and the cooks since the Boyfriend’s family friend is a regular customer at August Gatherings.

First to arrive was their take on a Chinese dinner staple – Walnut Shrimp. The shrimp was lightly glazed with a dallop of wasabi cream. Instead of walnuts, they used Spanish almonds. I really liked how they brought out the shrimp on an individual plate for each person – the presentation was very nice. The shrimp was even better! There was a zesty and limey taste to it, which really helped open up the palate. The wasabi cream wasn’t too spicy either.


Next up was the Kabocha Seafood Bisque, which was served in a pumpkin – fitting since Kabocha is typically known as a Japanese squash. The bisque was absolutely delicious – I ended up drinking two bowls of it! The bisque was very creamy – the pumpkin was sweet while the seafood was salty so there was a nice contrast in each spoonful.


Next is the Lettuce Wraps, which the servers helped each person assemble. I thought that was a super nice touch since we probably would’ve made a mess – I know I would’ve! They even came back a little later to help assemble seconds for the people who wanted another one. The meat was tender, but the mushrooms in the wrap filling was definitely my favorite.


Our next item was another personal dish – one plate for each person. Wild Scallop with applewood smoked bacon and truffle cream paired with bamboo infused sticky rice topped with Hawaiian black salt. This dish was my clear favorite the night – the scallop was seared to perfection and the truffle cream was one of the most fragrant things I’ve ever eaten. I used the sticky rice to soak up the truffle cream and it was literally one of the most perfect bites of the night.


The follow up dish was a family style dish, much like the lettuce wraps – Broccoflower with Spanish Chorizo. Broccoflower, or Romanesco broccoli, is a sort of broccoli-cauliflower crossbreed. I highly enjoyed this dish as I’ve never had Broccoflower before. It tasted a bit more like broccoli than cauliflower but I liked how it was softer. The chorizo was a tad spicy and paired well with the otherwise flavorless vegetables.


Next was another personal dish – dry aged steak with mushrooms and a foie gras topping. The steak was very tender despite the fact that it was cooked past my usually medium rare. The foie gras gave a creaminess to the dish – I love foie gras!


Our next dish was another adaptation to a Chinese staple – longevity noodles. Longevity noodles are always eaten during major celebrations – Chinese New Years, weddings, birthdays, etc. Instead of the standard chow mein version, they served us a Black Bass and grape tomato version in a spicy sauce. The noodles were al dente and not mushy at all, which is usually the case with other Chinese restaurants. I was almost too full to eat anymore but I finished all my noodles!


Our last savory dish of the night was a Pork Shank with two sauces – a raspberry yogurt sauce and a bonito stock on top of purple yams. I ended up eating the pork shank with a mixture of the yogurt sauce and bonito stock – it was surprisingly good together. The best part, however, was the purple yams – they were so sweet!!


To finish up our meal, we had a “sweets” platter with egg tarts, almond cookies and their signature bun, a sweet pork bun with a pineapple bun topping. The almond cookies were delicious, the egg tarts were flaky but the best was the bun! I have no idea why no one didn’t think of this combination sooner but it was amazing – the best parts of two favorite buns in one. I love the crust of pineapple buns but usually don’t eat it because of the lack of filling. This completely solved the problem!


Service was attentive throughout and I give huge props to our host, Henry, and the amazing woman at the counter (I didn’t catch her name) for an amazing meal. Also props to the cook because I never expected to have such an unique meal in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I literally cannot wait to be back for more sweets and delicious food!

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

The Boyfriend and I recently discovered the gigantic H-Mart in Edison, New Jersey, which is literally less than 30 minutes away from his house. Along with it, we also discovered the huge Picnic Garden and Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. He’s been to Little Sheep before in Queens but this was the first time I would hotpot in a restaurant with only one big pot in the middle. All the other places I’ve been to gave each person their own individual pots.

We arrived around 6:00pm and still had to wait a bit. By the time we left, there was a crowd of people waiting outside to be seated. By the time we finished our shopping at H-Mart at round 9:00pm, there was still a huge crowd of people waiting to be seated. They’re super popular!

We opted for a split yin-yang pot, which means you get half spicy and half non-spicy. If you get two pots for a bigger table, it’s the same exact price since they charge per person for the soup.


We ordered a variety of items to try – I especially like that you can order half orders of items. First up was the beef slices, which we got a full order of. The beef was very tender and cooked quickly. No sign of any freezer burn or frost on the beef!


We also tried the lamb slices, which were amazing! The lamb didn’t taste gamey at all and cooked very well in the soup.


My favorite meat of the night was definitely the pork belly. I had never had pork belly in hot pot before so it was another new experience for me. I’m in love with it now! The pork belly is fatty and becomes so soft after you boil it in the soup.


We also ordered a variety of smaller side dishes:

  • Fish balls
  • Fish balls with cod roe on the inside
  • Fish filets
  • Headless shrimp
  • Mussels
  • Tofu platter
  • Goose intestines


We also ordered a bunch of other side dishes to share:

  • Bamboo shoots
  • White carrots
  • Real meatballs
  • Wontons
  • Mushrooms
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Chicken


I really liked that they brought over a serving stand to put our smaller side dishes on instead of crowding us at the table with all the dishes. We were able to eat leisurely, without having to worry about hurrying and clearing up our table for the next round of dishes!

The food was absolutely delicious and super fresh. Nothing tasted bad and a lot of things tasted great. I particularly loved the fish balls with the cod roe on the inside – it’s like having a surprise with every bite! The pork belly was phenomenal and I could eat a whole order by myself!

If you check in on Facebook, Instagram or Yelp you can get a free ice cream – flavor is your choice. The ice cream here is pretty good – again, no signs of freezer burn. I can’t wait to come back to try out the other items on their extensive menu!

HK Tea and Sushi

HK Tea and Sushi is one of those restaurants the boyfriend and I like to go to at least once a month. His parents love eating here because it reminds them of home and I love eating here because I can choose to eat sushi even if everyone else wants to eat chinese. Sometimes I like that I have the option – despite the fact that most of the time I still order Chinese. I can get sushi anywhere but I can’t get HK inspired food this good anywhere.

One of my very first meals at HK Tea and Sushi, I ordered a la carte from their sushi menu. Their sushi menu offers each piece at just $1 and that includes sashimi. Regular rolls are usually less than $5. I ordered 5 pieces of their salmon sushi, 5 pieces of their salmon sashimi and a Philadelphia roll all for less than $15. They also have very cheap combo deals for their sushi rolls so it’s definitely a steal.

Most of the time when we go now, we usually order to share for the entire table. Their dishes are so big that none of us can finish one on our own. One of our must-orders is their broad noodles with egg and shrimp. The dish is huge and tastes amazing even the next day. There is always an abundance of egg and shrimp – they do not skimp on their ingredients. The wetness of the noodles really gives the dish a lot of flavor. Quick tip: if you don’t like peas, make sure you let them know to not add them.

One of my favorites is their White Sauce Seafood Baked Rice. This dish alone is enough to feed two people and then some. They also don’t skimp on this dish – there is an abundance of squid, shrimp, fish and scallops. They also throw in onions and pepper to give the dish some added flavor. But remember to remind them not to put peas if its not your thing!

We usually get an order of their French Toast for dessert but we decided to try their Fried Cheesecake instead. It was very filling! The Cheesecake was huge! Add on the dough from the frying and it was more than we could finish. The boyfriend and I just finished half of the cheesecake (we spooned it out from the fried dough) and the ice cream. Next time, I think I’ll just settle for some mochi!

The food at HK Tea and Sushi really does hit the spot. It’s filling and cheap! You can be so full that you can’t eat anymore and still pay less than $15 – including drink and dessert.

Disney Food Adventures

Summer vacation for my family for the past few years has been various cruises throughout the Caribbean and even Hawaii. This summer, we decided on Orlando, Florida since the last time we visited was when I was 10 – more than 11 years ago. We decided on 3 days at Disney followed by 2 days at Universal Studios. It was a very short vacation compared to our usual, but between work and school, a week was all that we could spare. We opted for Disney’s dining plan which gave each person one snack, one quick service and one table service meal a day. Since I love food so much, I knew I had to look up menus and make reservations ahead of time. Good thing I did because a lot of restaurants were already booked during dinner time two weeks in advance.

For our first night there, we opted for a pool day. I figured we could have dinner in Downtown Disney and do some pre-park shopping. After reviewing the restaurants participating in the dining plan, I decided on Cap’n Jack’s Oyster Bar located in Downtown Disney. There were a lot of options on the menu but after hearing the Chef’s Recommended Dish of the Day, I knew I had to order it. The Dish of the Day was a clam, mussel, chicken and potato stew. Our waitress brought me over the pot of stew and a bowl. She poured some of the stew sauce into the bowl and told me to dip everything I pulled out of the pot in the sauce. She made a great recommendation because the sauce was amazing.

My mother decided to go with their Baked Salmon Fillet, which was very nicely cooked and flavorful. I actually stole more than a few bites from her dish. My sister went with the Shrimp and Penne Pasta dish cooked in lobster sauce, which was also very flavorful. The lobster sauce was creamy and delicious. Each dining plan also comes with dessert, so I went with the Key Lime Pie, which was had a heavy lime flavor. My favorite dessert of the night would have to be my sister’s Double Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream. The cake was more of a lava cake was very sweet. My sister almost couldn’t finish it because the portion was so big! The service, as per Disney standards, was perfect. Our waitress was friendly and quick throughout the entire meal.

Day two of our Disney adventure led us to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant located in Magic Kingdom. Our visit to Tony’s started off badly since I had a reservation but was still told to wait for our table. Our total wait time by the time we were seated was about 30 minutes. Our entire party was kind of upset because we had purposely made reservations to prevent this type of wait. We actually missed our fast pass return time for a ride because dinner took so long. Tony’s saving grace was our waiter and the food. Our waiter was very friendly and offered very quick service. Our food came in no time at all.

Both my mother and I went with their New York Strip Steak, which is cooked in a red wine sauce and served with potatoes and vegetables. This was one of the best meals I had during this vacation. The steak was cooked just the way I requested and retained a lot of juice. My sister went with their Seafood Diavolo, which featured linguini pasta with clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp, and fish in a spicy tomato sauce. Her dish was very flavorful and the spice was never overwhelming. I found myself stealing bites from her dish!

For our dessert, I went with their Pistachio Crème Brulee, which was very sweet. My favorite dessert was my sister’s Signature Cheesecake, which came with the cutest Lady and the Tramp syrup drawing. At first we thought that the drawing was etched into the plate but soon realized it was drawn on. Extra points for creativity!

Our last day at Disney brought us to Yak and Yeti, located inside Animal Kingdom. Yaki and Yeti is located inside Animal Kingdom’s Asia section and therefore features Pan-Asian cuisine. We didn’t have reservations but our wait time was only around 10 minutes. Our waiter, Brian, was very friendly and checked up on us often. Their drink menu had such interesting names – many of which sounded very good. I decided to go with their Shanghai Express drink, which I’m included mango and peach flavored alcohol.

After a long look at the menu and some recommendations from our waiter, I decided to go with their Crispy Mahi Mahi, which is a filet of mahi mahi covered in Panko, or Japanese bread crumbs and then doused in a sweet and sour Cantonese sauce. The dish came with jasmine rice and stir-fried vegetables. The mahi mahi was very fresh and tender. The best part was the sweet and sour sauce – it was tangy and definitely helped me develop an appetite.

My mother ordered their Seared Miso Salmon, which was to die for. The salmon was soft and juicy. It wasn’t overcooked at all. My sister’s Duck with Anandapur glaze was also very good. The dish was very big since it featured half a baby duckling. The duck was juicy and not tough at all. Usually our family isn’t into Americanized-Asian cuisine but in this case, we were very satisfied.

On one of our Universal days, we decided to have dinner inside our Disney resort – Caribbean Beach Resort. Caribbean Beach has two dining options – Old Port Royale food court and Shutters restaurant, which serves up Caribbean themed dishes. We didn’t have a reservation but was seated fairly quickly. Our waiter was, like all other Disney restaurants, very friendly and attentive. I decided to go with the Jerk-Crusted Yellow Fin Tuna, which features pan-seared tuna with a papaya-mango sauce. The tuna was delicious! I always say, the best way to eat tuna is either raw or seared and this dish was seared to perfection. The mashed potatoes were also very delicious.

We went with their Tres Leches as our dessert. Soft caramel cake was topped with coconut whipped cream – perfection!

A lot of our quick service meals were unmemorable but there is one favorite that I must share. Aloha Isle, located in Magic Kingdom, serves up a wonderful Dole Whip float. Their soda floats are also a refreshing treat on a hot day. They both count as a snack option on the dining plan so I think this is your best deal for snack within Magic Kingdom.

Overall, I can’t complain about Disney’s dining. Their quick service options aren’t very memorable but their table service options were above my expectations. These were not the best meals I have ever had but considering how they’re inside a theme park, I think they’re pretty good. Another tip is to definitely join the dining plan if you plan on eating within the parks. For the three of us, the meal plan came up to around $140+ a day. Our dinners, if we weren’t on the meal plan, would’ve been $90+ alone. It’s really a great deal!

Smorgasburg – My Trek to Food Paradise

After staring at the Smorgasburg website and all the vendors they had to offer in one place for over two years, the Boyfriend and I finally decided it was time to go. So along with the Boyfriend’s mom and her friend, we made our trip to the waterfront for some delicious food.

We arrived around 10:30 so we took a walk around to see the vendors setting up. The only vendor that was up and ready for sale after our original walk through was Brooklyn Piggies, which sells Pigs in a Blanket. Their Pigs in a Blanket comes in original or spicy. Since we had four people, we got 3 of them to share (3 for $5). The crust was very crispy and the little franks for very juicy. It was a great way to start off the day.

Our second stop was Shorty Tang & Sons, which serves cold sesame noodles. They use a wooden bucket to toss their noodles in their own combination of peanut sauce, sesame paste and chili oil. Each order is hand tossed on the spot whenever you order. This ensures that the noodles don’t soak up all the peanut sauce and become soggy.

We ordered one order to share between the four of us and it was just enough to get a good taste. One order can definitely fill you up entirely. The noodles were bouncy and cooked to perfection. There was a hint of spice, which was a nice compliment to the sauce.

After we finished the noodles, it was around 11am so we decided to head for the main attraction of the day – Red Hook Lobster Pound. While the Boyfriend’s mom took her time to decide between the Connecticut or the Maine style roll, I noticed that Dough was starting to sell their doughnuts. Dough is famous for their different take on doughnuts with flavors like passion fruit, hibiscus, and cheesecake.

I decided on their Blood Orange doughnut because it sounded so different. Each doughnut runs at $2.50 each but at the size it comes in, it’s more than worth it. The Blood Orange doughnut was amazing. Even the Boyfriend, who isn’t usually a fan of sweets, thought it was amazing. The doughnut was fried to perfection. Dough had managed to somehow capture the taste of blood oranges and transfer it to doughnut frosting.

While we were snacking on the doughnut, we headed over to Red Hook and made our order. I’ve had Maine style lobster rolls – chilled lobster tossed in mayo – before so I knew I had to try the Connecticut style. The Connecticut style, which features warm lobster tossed in butter, was perfection. The roll was toasted and buttered, which makes the entire dish warm and toasty. The buttered lobster meat really allowed the lobster flavor to shine through. Despite the fact that it’s $16 a pop, I would definitely recommend giving them a taste – at least once!

On our hunt for something to eat, the Boyfriend and I walked by Mighty Quinn’s and noticed the long line. We decided that getting on the line earlier was a better idea than later when more people started to arrive at the flea. The Boyfriend and I decided to share their beef brisket slider. The sliders are $5 for a small and $8 for a large. We decided on the smaller size because we wanted to try more foods later on. The brisket was very tender and some pieces melts in your mouth. No wonder there was a line!

We decided that our first drink would be Kelvin Natural Slush Co., which was a Vendy Awards winner for Best Dessert. I noticed them setting up earlier in the morning and was actually pretty curious to what they were serving. The method used here was that you pick your base slush – either Ginger or Arnold Palmer – and then you pick your mix-in, which is basically the flavor you want.

I watched them make it and basically they fill one-third of the cup with the base slush and then add about another third of the mix-in flavor. After that, they finish up with more base slush in order to even out the flavor. We decided on the White Peach, which was a great choice. The slush was very even and didn’t have any odd chunks of ice. The peach flavor was very prominent without being too much. I would definitely go back for this!

While the Boyfriend and I were enjoying our slush at one of the picnic tables, his mom was wandering the flea and came back with one of Brooklyn Bangers’ sausages. She decided on their Kielbasa sausage, which is a Polish sausage. Neither the Boyfriend nor I really liked the onions on top but the sausage itself was very good. It was very juicy and when served piping hot, very delicious.

After some more wandering around, we stumbled upon Noodle Lane. Sometimes they serve mini hot cakes but today was just not our lucky day. Instead, we decided on sharing an order of their Dan Dan Noodles, which is served cold with spicy chili oil ($8). The noodles were very good but a bit on the spicy side, which is why I gave most of my share to the Boyfriend. The presentation was very nice and had it not been the spiciness, I would have eaten a lot more.

After Noodle Lane, we all agreed that we were pretty full. Time for dessert! While the other two went to check out Kumquat Bakery, the Boyfriend and I headed over to S’more Bakery. They torch all their s’mores on premise so they all come nice and hot. They serve two flavors – an original milk chocolate and a salted caramel. We opted for their S’more d’oeuvres, which comes with 3 mini versions of their original sized s’mores (3 for $4).

We opted for their original version, which features Madagascar vanilla marshmallows sandwiched in between two baby graham crackers with a milk chocolate ganache. It was fun watching the s’mores being toasted right in front of us. And eating them was even better – the marshmallows were melty and fluffy at the same time. It wasn’t overly sweet either – perfection!

Our last stop was Kumquat Bakery, which serves mini-cupcakes. Most mini-cupcakes are $1 each and some are $2, depending on the novelty of it. I decided to go with their Cilantes and Lime Margarita flavor. It was a wonderful choice. The cupcake was fluffy and the frosting wasn’t too soft. The best part was the sea salt sprinkled on top of each cupcake to imitate a margarita. I really liked that small touch because it made it all the more real.

While we were eating our cupcakes, we noticed that the next stand was Brooklyn Soda Works. They service handmade carbonated juices, which was something I’m always in the mood for. They give out samples on request so if you’re being indecisive, make sure you try it before you buy it! After trying the Ginger Apple, I decided to buy some. Buying a cup costs $4 but if you pay an extra $4 you get a class bottle to take it with you. We decided on the glass bottle. With tiny sample cups, we all were able to try the drink. I definitely loved it – there was a strong apple cider taste but the ginger was also present. Definitely a must try!

Despite the fact that there is no shade in the immediate vendor area, I was quite content. It was hot but not overly so. The fact that it is right by the river made it very breezy and nice to just sit and eat. The park area was a perfect place to sit and just enjoy the water breeze. If you have a free Saturday, think about making the trip to Smorgasburg. It’s definitely worth it.

Cha Chan Tang

Cha Chan Tang, located on Mott Street in Chinatown, is one of my go-to spots for breakfast and lunch when I’m looking for a quick meal. They opened up around a year ago and have gathered a lot of local attention since then. They specialize in Hong Kong style foods and drinks, which is quite different from the typical restaurants up and down Mott Street. They’re open early and serve breakfast until 11am daily so the boyfriend and I popped in for a quick meal before our day.

They have a set breakfast menu with 9 -10 options. Each option comes with your choice of a hot drink – hot milk tea, hot tea with lemon, hot coffee, etc. Some options come with buttered toast and some don’t. I favor sweetened toast so I ordered a separate order of it – it’s a must every time I go to Cha Chan Tang. Sweetened toast is simply just sweet condensed milk spread over toasted bread. It sounds so simple but it tastes so good! The sweet condensed milk melts over the toasted bread, making the sweet taste soak into the bread.

Set breakfast A comes with your choice of two of the three options: Soy sauce fried noodles, pork and egg congee, and Hong Kong style rice noodles. I chose to go with the soy sauce fried noodles and the pork and egg congee. Both of these dishes are a smaller size of their original orders. The soy sauce fried noodles is a very vegetarian dish – with only bean sprouts and scallions. These noodles weren’t too fried or oily and just enough to finish the entire plate.

The pork and egg congee was decent. I wasn’t too surprised that it wasn’t that good. The porridge was too runny. Cha Chan Tang’s congee also didn’t have enough preserved egg. I didn’t wind up finishing my congee because it was too runny and did not have enough preserved egg. For the best congee in Chinatown, walk up a bit to Big Wong – you won’t be disappointed.

The boyfriend also got the soy sauce fried noodles, but he chose to go with the Hong Kong style rice noodles instead. This is your basic steamed rice noodle but cut into bite-sized pieces with peanut sauce and hoisin sauce drizzled over it. This was really good and I know I will probably come back for it in the future.

Another frequent order of mine from the breakfast menu is the ramen noodles with a fried egg on top. Their ramen is always cooked just right – not too much so that it’s mushy and soft. The best way to eat this is to dunk the egg into the soup so it can cook up the yoke a little and then pop the rest onto the noodle. This dish is more than enough to fill you up! 

Our bill for two Set A breakfasts and a sweetened toast came up to just $9 without tip. For a filling breakfast, I think this is definitely a good deal! So head on over if you’re ever in Chinatown looking for a good and cheap breakfast.