Born and raised in New York City, I’m a part-time traveler and full-time foodie.

I love to eat – I’m open to all cuisines and I never say no to trying anything new. If it tastes good, I’m in.

Travel is both a vacation and a hobby for me. I love to research new places and experience new cultures. So far, I have been fortunate enough to visit 14 countries and 22 US states.

Follow me on my adventures in NYC and beyond!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Did you have a budget in mind for your typical meal? I’d like to know that. Great concept, though. And I like that you have your blog indexed.

    1. I usually like to keep dinner at less than $30 a person including tax and tip (the boyfriend and I split all our meals). Sometimes we splurge a little bit (usually when I’m with his parents for dinner) and sometimes we go way under even $20 each. Most of the time though I like to keep it at a college student friendly price.

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