Gotham Bar & Grill

For my birthday, the Boyfriend and I decided to have a birthday lunch instead of dinner since we had a pretty full week of plans ahead of us. After some prowling through Yelp, I decided on Gotham Bar & Grill, since it’s pretty well known for having good food and it’s across the street from where he had class later on in the day. Gotham offers a regular a la carte menu along with their special $34 Greenmarket Lunch Prix Fixe. We both opted for the Greenmarket Prix Fixe since it seemed like a great deal. You get three options per course, which I thought was an ample selection.

When I had made reservations via OpenTable, I made a note about wanting a quieter table since it was a birthday lunch – just the two of us. When we checked in with the maître d’, I was greeted with Birthday wishes from both the host and hostess. We were brought over to a corner table with a party of three next to us. Despite the fact that we were close to other tables, everyone spoke in such hushed voices that I never felt intruded upon.

After we placed our orders (our waiter didn’t even bat an eyelid at the fact that we went with the cheaper option), we were given a bread roll with butter. The bread was a bit on the harder side but was a nice segue way into our first course. We both opted for the Wild Striped Bass Sashimi with asian pear, watermelon radish, cucumber, yuzu ginger emulsion and avocado wasabi puree. The avocado wasabi puree was very refreshing and not spicy at all. The wild striped bass was very fresh and  we both quickly gobbled it down.


For my second course, I went with the Pan Roasted Hake, served with braised savory cabbage, potato puree and a verjus butter sauce. This was the first time I had foam on my food! The hake was very soft and cooked to perfection. The potato puree was very fragrant and the savory cabbage was very refreshing.


The Boyfriend went with the Braised Beef Short Ribs, served with braised greens, roasted root vegetables and parmigiano reggiano. I had a bite of his short ribs and they were very well done. It was soft and tender and very flavorful.


For his dessert, he went with the Baba Rum, which is rum cake served with passion fruit cream, whipped chantilly and citrus segments. I had a bite of his rum cake and they definitely did not skimp on the rum. He especially liked the blood orange segments since its a bit more tart.


For my dessert, I went with the famous Gotham Chocolate Cake, served with salted almond ice cream. To my surprise, my cake came with a candle (held up by a dollop of cream) and a “Happy Birthday” plaque. I loved that they did that without any prompting from the Boyfriend or me – it was such a nice way to end a great lunch. The cake itself was airy and rich at the same time. It tasted like a lava cake but without the gooey chocolate. It wasn’t overly sweet and was contradicted nicely by the salty almond ice cream. With every bite, I wished I had more!


I really enjoyed my lunch at Gotham. Our waiter was very attentive and personable the entire time. I’ve been to restaurants where the waiters visibly show their displeasure when you order the cheaper prix fixe rather than a la carte. But this did not happen here at all. Our waiter knew his stuff about all the dishes and was able to answer all our questions. And plus, I got a birthday candle! I love the attention to detail to make their customers enjoy their meals just a little bit more. I can’t wait to be back!

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