Murray’s Cheese Bar

When I told the Boyfriend that I was craving something cheesy, he came up with Murray’s Cheese Bar, which is located down the block from their larger cheese store. Everything on their menu has at least one type of cheese in it and they also do cheese plates. It’s practically every cheese lover’s dream! There were so many options to choose from that we had trouble making our decisions. Luckily our waiter was very knowledgable and was able to give us some recommendations, which split between the two of us.

We started off with the Burrata ($14.00), which is cream-filled fresh mozzarella with olive oil and sea salt served with toasted bread. This was easily my favorite dish of the day – mozzarella is pretty much my favorite cheese, despite it’s more subtle flavors. The mozzarella was very fresh and the cream and sea salt really gave it so much flavor! I definitely recommend this dish.


We then split the Buffalo Cheese Curls ($10.00), which are Wisconsin Cheddar curds tossed in a buffalo sauce and served with Blue River Blue Cheese dressing. One of my favorite snacks are buffalo chicken bites so this was a good one for me. The buffalo sauce was just a bit spicy and the blue cheese dressing was very tangy. The dish looks small but it really fills you up!

I was primarily responsible for the Mac & Cheese (&12.00), which features their special blend of four cheeses topped with breadcrumbs. I thoroughly enjoyed the mac and cheese – it was creamy and gooey. In fact, it even tastes better the next day when all the cheese sauce has soaked through the pasta! It’s not the best mac and cheese that I’ve had (that goes to Bleecher’s in Flatiron) but it’s pretty darn good.

The Boyfriend was primarily responsible for finishing the Cheeseburger ($17.00), which features Ottomanelli Brother’s grass-fed beef on a brioche bun with rarebit cheddar cheese sauce. The unique fact about this burger is that the cheese sauce comes in a pitcher and you pour it onto your burger yourself. You get to choose how much cheese you want to use. The burger was delicious without the cheese but it tasted completely different with the cheese. The burger also comes with fries, which I ended up dipping into the cheese sauce. I’m a huge fan of cheese fries!!

Overall I really enjoyed my meal at Murray’s. Our waiter was very nice and helpful. He ensured that our dishes came out almost one at a time so we could have time to enjoy each one without being too overwhelmed with plates on the table. His recommendations were extremely on point and we enjoyed everything he suggested. I definitely want to be back to try their other dishes – especially the cheese melt with tomato soup!

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