A Day at Niagara Falls

Day 3 – A Day at Niagara Falls

On Easter Sunday (Also my birthday!), we slept in and had a delicious brunch at Pearl Diver. We came in on Easter Sunday at around 11am for brunch and were seated immediately. We actually had our pick of tables. By the time we left though, at around 12:30pm, it was pretty packed.

We started with the dozen oyster special ($18 for 12 oysters) and both thoroughly enjoyed our oysters. They were very fresh and well-shucked. I liked the West Coast ones better, but BF preferred the East Coast oysters.


For our mains, I had the Lobster Benny and BF had the Fried Oyster Benny. They both come with a side salad and the most amazing fried potatoes. They were glazed in some kind of sauce, which was phenomenal. My lobster benny was really good – I really enjoyed it.


After brunch, we piled into the car for the 1.5 hour drive to Niagara Falls.

We started off by walking along the Lake from the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls to Horseshoe Falls.



After walking along the Lake, we went to Table Rock Welcome Centre, which offers a great view of the Horseshoe Falls, as it is located right on top of it. Located inside the Welcome Center is Journey Behind the Falls, which allows you to go directly under Horseshoe Falls.


You take an elevator ride down to a series of tunnels, where you can feel the roar of the Falls. There are little tunnels that lead to windows where you can feel the spray of the water. There are also 2 observation decks – the upper deck has windows where you can see the side of the falls and the lower deck is where you can get really close to the Falls itself.


The lower deck is closed during the winter – probably until mid-April or early May, depending on when the snow/ice clears. We weren’t able to go to the lower deck, but the top deck was cool by itself.

We stayed at the Marriott on the Falls and decided to splurge on a Fallsview Suite. We ended up on the top floor with no neighbors. The roof was literally right next to our window. Check out the view from our room! We were able to sit and enjoy a view of the Falls during the day and at night.


We had dinner at Weinkeller, near Clifton Hills, that night. It’s one of the only nice restaurants in the immediate Niagara Falls area that promises good food at a reasonable price. Everything we had that night was really good – but I highly recommend the Fried Goat Cheese and their Charcuterie Plate.


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