Must-Eats at Disney World

When I think about theme park food, I typically think chicken tenders, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Most of the time, that’s pretty much what you’re going to eat at a theme park – it’s fast, easy, and gives you sustenance to keep going. While you do still have your standard theme park pizzas, hot dogs, and popcorn, the snacks at Disney World are next level. Here are some of my favorite, must-eat snacks from Disney!

First up, my absolute favorite, must-have snack whenever I’m at Disney World – Dole Whip. You can grab a Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Aisle, Storybook Treats, or Sunshine Tree Terrace and Animal Kingdom’s Tamu Tamu. Sometimes you can grab a Dole Whip at Epcot as well, if a festival is going on. If you’re not visiting the parks, you can also grab a Dole Whip in Disney Springs at Marketplace Snacks.

When you visit Disney World, you absolutely have to eat a Mickey Waffle! If you’re staying on Disney property, the restaurants typically serve up the signature waffles in the mornings. If you’re not staying on Disney property, you can still get these delicious waffles at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom – but only until 11am!

A visit to Magic Kingdom is not complete until you have some “Grey Stuff” from the classic Beauty and the Beast line, “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious”. You can try the “Grey Stuff” at Be Our Guest, the restaurant inside the Beauty and the Beast castle. If you’re not looking for a full meal, you can always grab the Grey Stuff Cupcake at Gaston’s Tavern.

If you’re a Star Wars fan like we are, you’ll want to visit Hollywood Studios and check out Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Try their specialty Blue and Green Milk drinks, each with their own unique flavor.

And lastly, you cannot visit Disney World without having a Mickey Ice Cream Bar. This is perhaps one of the most signature snacks in the parks and tastes absolutely amazing on a hot, Florida day.

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