A Day Trip to Hacienda Coloma

Located about two hours from Bogotá in the town of Fusagasuga, Hacienda Coloma is a small coffee farm nestled in the mountains of Colombia. Their coffee beans are sold only on location and their main focus is their line of coffee liqueurs and coffee-infused rum.

In addition to their coffee products, Hacienda Coloma runs daily tours, including showing you the entire life process of coffee on the farm. We planned our tour ourselves by contacting them via WhatsApp and hiring one of their recommended drivers. You can also book a tour that takes you there via TripAdvisor and Viator. For the two of us, it cost 35,000 COP for a 2.5 hour tour. We opted to add on the 25000 COP extra for the coffee and rum tasting at the end. Tours run every day at 9am, 11am, and 2pm. Tours are available in English and Spanish, so we opted for the English tour.

Our tour started off with a tour of the grounds. Our tour guide pointed out various plants and vegetation to us, including a plant that they believed natives used as toilet paper! We also got to meet the farm cat.

Our guide then walked us through the entire life of their coffee beans – from berry to washing, drying, and roasting. We got to pick coffee berries from the bushes, which then went through the sorter. After the sorter, the coffee beans are dried on the roof and then pulped to remove the outer shell. The beans are then roasted and turned into the beans that we all know.

We learned that Colombian coffee farms still use the traditional cherry-pick method, where workers individually pick the berries when they are ripe. This ensures that all the berries that are picked are perfect for consumption. We also learned that Colombian coffee farms harvest twice a year.

As an avid coffee drinker, it was so cool to be able to pick berries and then go through the entire process of a coffee bean’s life. The tour was super interactive and we learned so much. It’s a bit of a trek out to Fusagasuga, but if you’re in Bogotá and are looking to get out to a coffee farm, Hacienda Coloma checks all the boxes.

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