Bozu Part Two

After our initial visit to Bozu, the Boyfriend’s mom was super jealous. He had shown my previous blog post to her and she decided that she wanted to go too. The boyfriend’s mom is quite a bit of a foodie herself so I can totally see where his foodie side came from. So the Boyfriend made reservations and we were seated immediately the night of. As we walked out, we noticed that there were at least 3 tables with a “Reserved” card on top. I really like how Bozu refuses to seat anyone else at a reserved table no matter what.

I started off with a cocktail since I’m finally able to drink here. After some deliberation, I decided on their Banana Colada, which is a mixture of rum, banana mix, pineapple mix, and coconut mix. The color was perfect for a colada and as our waiter placed the cup on the table, I could smell the banana. I was expecting to be drinking some sweet and tasty but this cocktail packed quite a punch. It was strong and that surprised me. It was very good though so I now know my go-to cocktail at Bozu.

Our first appetizer was a special of the day – Fresh Oyster. The waiter had said it was cooked, which is why we ordered it. There were 2 members at the table that didn’t eat raw foods so we thought this would’ve been perfect. In actuality, the oyster was partially cooked but not completely. This was great for the rest of us but not so awesome for the other 2 members of our party. The oyster was also smaller than we had expected. This might have been our only disappointment of the night, so I won’t concentrate on it too much.

We also ordered their sashimi sampler ($18), which is another special of the day. This sashimi sampler came with 5 pieces each of salmon, tuna, and what I assumed was Yellowtail because I didn’t try that one. The salmon was very good  – super fatty. Again, I have to praise the wasabi-soy sauce that they have pre-mixed for you. It really made the fish pop.

Next up was the Shrimp Kataifi ($9), which features deep-fried jumbo shrimp wrapped in kataifi. Each order comes with 4 pieces but I wasn’t able to snap a picture until after two of them were already stolen from the dish. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The kataifi was very crunchy and the shrimp was moist. I kind of wish there was a dipping sauce for this but it was still very good.

We also ordered their Fried Tako Balls ($6) as an appetizer. Tako balls, which are deep fried ball shaped pancakes with octopus chunks inside, are a very common Japanese snack. Each other comes with 7 pieces, which is just the right amount to share. These are hot so be careful when you bite into them!

Next up is their Tuna Tataki ($9), which is seared tuna sashimi with a garlic umeboshi sorbet on top. The tuna sashimi was warm but the sorbet made the each bite cold. The sorbet gave the dish a sweet and sour taste to counteract the salt of the tuna. This was one of the better deals of the night since it offered up so many pieces. I think I must’ve had 4-5 pieces of tuna.

Now onto the sushi part of the night. We ordered two orders of their Salmon Sea Urchin ($9.50). This is basically rice wrapped in salmon sashimi and topped with sea urchin and a dollop of wasabi. This was the highlight of my meal. Since the cut was salmon toro, it was very fatty and almost slid down my throat. The sea urchin was very fresh and I couldn’t taste any fishiness at all. If I could, I would just go to Bozu and only order multiples of this dish for my dinner. Best of the night for sure!

We ordered their party bomb but since I covered that in my last blog post, I won’t bore you guys with another description. We did add on some side bombs so I will talk about those! Since we chose the regular eel bomb for the party bomb set, we decided to order some separate spicy eel bombs. Spicy Eel Bombs ($6), instead of being topped with a shiso leaf like the regular one, is stopped with spicy mayo and shredded cucumber. I actually think I liked the spicy version better because the spicy mayo really brought out the flavor of the barbeque eel. Added with the semi-spicy wasabi soy sauce it was very tasty.

Since the party bomb set only comes with salmon with scallions, we decided to order a few spicy salmon bombs or as they call it, the Mexican Bomb ($6). The Mexican Bomb features salmon toro with avocado and spicy tomatillo sauce. Without the scallions, you can really taste the salmon. I can honestly say that the Mexican Bomb puts up a fight against the Mc Low Bomb, which is tuna and avocado. Last time I admitted that I liked the tuna bomb better but the Mexican Bomb might make me change my mind.

We finished off the savory part of our dinner with a Spicy Mushroom Roll ($6) off their Health Garden Sushi portion of the menu. This roll features cooked crimini mushroom with avocado and topped with a spicy tomatillo sauce. The concentrated dollop of tomatillo sauce was very spicy and definitely not for the weak. This is my first time having mushrooms in my sushi and I can say I wasn’t all that impressed. Perhaps it’s just the fact that I always like fish in my sushi rolls and not just vegetables. It was good but it would’ve been better with some fish!

After the table was cleared and we were all full, we were offered the dessert menu. The Boyfriend and I decided to share one since we were both kind of full. We decided on their Green Tea Flan. Let me start off with the cream that comes with the dessert. The Boyfriend’s family friend described it as, “the good kind of cream” and she was right. The cream was whipped thick so it had the same consistency as ice cream. It tasted like ice cream but without any kind of flavor so it blended very well with the flan. Now, onto the flan. The Flan wasn’t too sweet and had a hint of green tea flavor. Because it wasn’t too sweet, the Boyfriend quickly gobbled it up. Their Green Tea Flan really is a must try.

The Boyfriend’s mom decided to try the Chocolate Mousse, which was also very good. The mousse, like the cream, had the consistency of ice cream but without the melting. The mousse had a thickness to it that made sure it held as I spooned it. But it was still smooth enough to be considered a mousse. The mousse, like the green tea flan, was also not overly sweet. I could honestly eat this dessert all day and not get sick of it.

The service was quick and we got our dishes one right after the other. The only time where we didn’t have anything to eat was towards the end when we were deciding on what dishes to add. The only complaint I would have is that the dishes are too small! They’re all so good but it felt like it was all over so fast.

The fried chicken and pork belly had made a repeat appearance that night and although they are good, I would love to try out the rest of the menu. Perhaps next time I will explore their rolls section since I’ve been consistently ordering bombs and other cooked foods.

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