So Kong Dong

After almost nine hours of shopping at Woodbury Commons, the Boyfriend, his parents and I arrived in Fort Lee for some good Korean chigae, or tofu soup. So Kong Dong is their go-to for chigae whenever they’re in the area. It’s funny because despite the fact that the wait is long and the service isn’t all that attentive, they still keep coming back. I think it’s the fact that their cucumber kimchi and tofu chigae is the best, or at least the best that I’ve had. There is something about their tofu that is so silky and smooth that I can just eat it straight from the pot.

Their way of doing the menu is to print it on placemats that you eat on top of. That way, the table is cleaner and they don’t need to come by and take your menu. Their menu is too simple to even really need a major, lamenated menu. There is 9 types of tofu soup and the only other dish they serve is Galbi, or Korean BBQ Ribs. All tofu soups are $9 each and it comes with the Banchan, or side dishes, and rice

Since the Boyfriend’s mother ordered before we sat down, once we were seated, the Banchan came. There’s kimchi and various other side sides but my favorite has always been the cucumber kimchi. Despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of spicy foods, I can never say no to cucumber kimchi. We even got an extra container to take home for dinner the next day.

The Boyfriend and I shared a Mushroom Tofu Soup, in which we popped two raw eggs into since there were two of us. The waiter brought over a huge pot of rice, which he scooped out into smaller metal bowls for each of us. The Mushroom Tofu Soup is one of my favorites because I personally love mushrooms. It’s healthy and not too oily. I know Koreans eat their chigae by putting the rice into the soup but for me, putting tofu soup over rice is the best. I can easily eat more than a bowl of rice with it.

We also ordered a Beef Tofu Soup (Left) and a Seafood Tofu Soup (Right). The beef is a bit oiler and salter than the mushroom but it is still very good. The Seafood is jam-packed with ingredients. There are shrimp, clams, and oysters all inside this little pot of soup. My favorite is the clams because by the time I drink enough soup to reach the clams, they have already absorbed so much flavor from the soup. So delicious!

So Kong Dong’s menu is very simple but I like it that way. It allows me to purely focus on the Tofu Soup and nothing else. I don’t have to think about choosing to eat Bibimbap or BBQ or the many other Korean dishes. I can just enjoy the delicious tofu. The service isn’t very attentive and your hair and clothes will come out smelling like Galbi but I wouldn’t have this place any other way.

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