Dinner Outing time! This time we ventured to Woodside in Queens for some authentic Filipino food. A Filipino friend suggested Ihawan instead of Maharlika in Manhattan because it’s a lot cheaper and a lot more authentic. I can’t attest to the authenticity because I have nothing to compare it to but Ihawan is definitely a lot cheaper!

We were seated right away and given menus to look over. Since it’s a club-sponsored dinner outing, we each had $20 to order food and I took complete advantage of it. I know the ices are usually eaten as dessert but I got an Avocado Milk Ice ($5.00). It sounds and looks kind of weird but when mixed thoroughly, it is delicious! The avocado is very buttery and when mixed with the milk, it is absolutely divine! If you don’t want it for your main drink, definitely try it for dessert!


I ordered the Lechon Kawali ($7.75), which is served with liver sauce and rice. Lechon is pork chunks that are deep fried until it’s super crispy. It tastes a bit like Chinese Roast Pig but a lot crispier. The liver sauce that you dunk it in is sweet and tangy, which makes for a nice combination with the salty pork. I got my Lechon as an appetizer but it’s definitely a big enough portion for an entrée.


My entrée was the BBQ Pork Skewers ($7.75), which comes two to an order with rice. I wish I could be more eloquent in describing these but I really only have two words – so good! I’ve never had barbeque like this before. The pork was cut thinly and very well seasoned. Most of the time, I don’t like barbeque pork because it tends to be dry but this was not the case at all. They sell the skewers at $2.50 each so if you don’t want to commit to an entire meal, try one out!


Everything at Ihawan was absolutely delicious! The food was all very well seasoned. For my first time trying Filipino food, I was not disappointed. If you’re in the area or just looking for an adventure, definitely try out Ihawan!

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