Hawaiian Edition – Cinnamon’s

On our way to Lanikai Beach on the East side of Oahu, our cousins took us to Cinnamon’s for breakfast. Cinnamon’s is another one of those restaurants that get super busy around prime eating time – our wait was around 35 minutes for a party of 5. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, which does help speed up the waiting time a little bit.

We looked over the menu before we were seated so once we had a table, we were able to order right away. We ordered one cinnamon bun ($3.50) to share. If a restaurant is named for a certain dish – you order it! The cinnamon bun was very good – the bun was soft and gooey. The bun is pretty big so you should definitely order one to share or else you won’t have any more room for anything else!


We also ordered Red Velvet Pancakes ($7.50 for two) to share. Their red velvet pancakes are served with a white chocolate drizzle, which gave the entire dish a very cake-like taste and consistency. The pancakes tasted more like an actual cake than pancakes but they were still pretty yummy.


I opted for the Crab cake Eggs Benedict ($13.50 for full order), which comes with your choice of home fries or hash browns. I opted for the home fries, which were amazing! This was my first time having crab cake with eggs benedict so it was a great introduction to the dish. The crab cakes, made with their own special recipe, were packed lightly and easy to separate. The best part was the poached eggs, which were perfectly cooked. The yokes burst the moment I cut into them and soaked the crab cakes – so yummy!


Service was prompt and pretty quick. We got most of our dishes in a timely manner. I really like that you can get the eggs benedict and pancake dishes by half orders or full orders – this way you’re never stuck with too much food if you’re not a big eater. All in all, I would definitely return to Cinnamon’s the next time I’m in Hawaii. Next time though, I’ll be there earlier to avoid the wait!

3 thoughts on “Hawaiian Edition – Cinnamon’s

  1. Oh my goodness, these look SO good! It breaks my heart that this isn’t NYC 😦 Great post, though — thanks for sharing! 🙂


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