The Magic Soufflé

After hearing about Dominique Ansel Bakery’s newest addition – the Magic Soufflé ($7.00 each), I knew I had to give it a try. I’m a huge soufflé fan so I was particularly excited for this one. On my first visit, I went around 12pm and they were all sold out. I finally forced myself to leave my house early one day and made it around 9:30am. The famous Cronuts were all sold out but there was still a very long line to get into the bakery.

Once you order, the baking takes about 10 minutes. They call your name when they’re done and you’re presented with a cute little soufflé in a carnival popcorn container. The Magic Soufflé is basically a chocolate soufflé baked inside a toasted orange blossom brioche shell. The entire dessert has a hint of Grand Marnier.


They suggest you tear it open right away before all the chocolate completely cooks. I did so and I could still see oozy chocolate. I really enjoyed the contrast in textures – the brioche was a bit crunchy while the chocolate was soft on the inside. The combination was a great warm-up to the chilly weather!


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