Pig & Khao

For a joint birthday dinner, our group of 10 people ended up at Pig & Khao for some Asian Fusion/Filipino food. I’ve had Filipino food before – the legit kind that you only find in the middle of Queens – so my standards are set pretty high. About half of us arrived right on time for our 6pm reservation while the other half was a bit later. They offer Happy Hour drinks until 7pm so we opted to get something to drink while waiting. All cocktails are $8 while glasses of Prosecco and Riesling are $5. They’re pretty generous with their wine pours so I think it’s their best bet.

We opted to order a la carte, despite the fact that their dishes are meant to be eaten family style. We always over-order when we do family style! I had the Banana Leaf Cod ($14.00) with a big bowl of Coconut Rice ($3.00). The cod was cooked perfectly but it was definitely a bit on the spicy side. The flavors were all there and I really liked the coconut cream sauce they put on top of it.



Three of my friends got the Sizzling Sisig ($14.00), which is pork head cooked with chili and whole egg on a hot plate. I’ve had Sisig before and Pig & Khao’s version was pretty good. It wasn’t as spicy as your traditional sisig, which was nice. But I felt like the flavors were a bit too toned down as a result of trying to appeal to everyone’s tastebuds. It was pretty tasty – but not quite as good as traditional sisig.



Our food came at different times, which was something our waitress warned us about since we ordered individual plates instead of family style. Everything was very good though. The only complaint I have is that an open kitchen meant our clothes and hair all smelled like Filipino food and barbecue!

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