The Boyfriend and I were craving something warm and comforty since the cold weather is here. This led us to Curry-Ya for some delicious Japanese curry. Like their neighbor, Hi-Collar, their seating consists of just one bar with stools. They cook right in front of you in an open kitchen – you can actually see the three chefs working!

The Boyfriend went with their Curry-Ya Original Plain Curry ($8.00) with a Mini Berkshire Pork Katsu ($4.50). Each order of curry is served with a generous portion of white rice and your curry on the side in a sauce pitcher. You get to control the amount of curry you want and where you want it. And man was that curry good! It was very flavorful and really hit the spot for some comfort food. The mild wasn’t spicy at all – there was a small kick.



I went with their Hambaga Stew ($13.00), which features a homemade hamburger steak in their own demi-glaze sauce with shredded cheddar cheese on top. Everything is put into a cast-iron pot and put directly over the stove. You also get a generous portion of rice on a big plate so you can scoop as much sauce onto it as you want. The hamburger steak was so delicious! It tasted like a very good and well made Salisbury Steak, which is one of my favorite meals. The rice portion was definitely more than enough to fill me up – I actually didn’t finish!



Service was quick and attentive. We were actually out of there faster than we thought – despite it’s small size, the chefs here can cook pretty fast! I’ll definitely be back – next time I think I’ll get a curry dish!

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