Cruise Port #2: Roatán

Our 2nd stop on the cruise was Roatán, one of Honduras’s Caribbean Bay Islands. Roatán is part of the huge Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and is known for its beaches and diving. The logical thing to do would be to visit a beach or do some snorkeling. But we had other plans.



I think Roatán was the first excursion we had picked. I’m actually not even sure how I discovered it, but the moment we found out about Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hang Out, we knew we just had to go. X is the biggest sloth fan. In fact, he considers them his spirit animal.

I contacted them on Facebook and they were super prompt with their responses. They offer a variety of tour options and we opted to do a brief island tour along with a visit to the hangout. It cost $40 per person for a guided tour + guided visit to cuddle with sloths and play with monkeys.

It was amazing. Our tour guide/driver was very nice and informative. You get a different guide once you get to the hangout. And you really get a sense of how well these animals are taken care of – and how well the guides know their animals. They treat them like loved pets, rather than a business or a tour.


We learned that they have 7 sloths, which only get to touch about 13-14 people a day. Then they go back to their tree to sleep. The sloths are clean and do not look unhappy at all.




After the sloths, you’re taken into the monkey enclosure. The monkeys are so funny to hang out with. Definitely be careful of your lose items, because they will take them! X left his glasses outside the enclosure, so they started digging in his pants pockets!


After the monkeys, you’re taken to the parrots and bigger birds. This was super fun as well because they will hop onto your head if they want to.



We both agreed that this was the best part of our cruise and well worth the money. It’s really a once in a lifetime experience to get to cuddle with a sloth and we got to learn so much about the island.

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