Cruise Port #1: Cozumel

Our 1st stop on the cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. Couzmel is an island off the Mexican coast and is a very popular cruise ship port known for its scuba diving and beaches. Out of all our ports, Cozumel had the most to offer in terms of activities. There were tons to do, including visiting Mayan ruins, snorkeling, various beach clubs, and the Eco Park, Chankanaab.

We opted to do something off the beaten path and take a chocolate factory tour at KaoKao Chocolate Factory. We came to this decision for a few reasons. First, we had booked a beach club for Costa Maya already. Second, our ship offered a chocolate factory tour/rum tasting in Roatán. But since we already booked an excursion in Roatán, I wanted to find something similar.


Cruise Critic led me to KaoKao and I’m so happy it did. I ordered tickets online for the Chocolate Factory Tour and it was easy peasy to check in when we arrived. We were the first couple to arrive, so we had some free coffee and used their restrooms. They have chocolate soap and chocolate hand sanitizer!


Our tour was led by the daughter of the owner, so it’s definitely a family business! She was so personable and knowledgeable! She gave us some history on cocoa as well as how the Mayans used cocoa. We then made our own hot chocolate disks to take home. While we made our hot chocolate, she made us a traditional Mayan chocolate drink. I didn’t like it, but X loved it and had extra.





This tour is a 10/10 experience and I can’t believe it only cost us $25 each! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone going to Cozumel and is looking for a different experience.


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