Smorgasburg 2019

It’s time for my annual trip to Smorgasburg!

If you’re new to Smorgasburg, it’s a weekly outdoor food market located in Brooklyn. On Saturday’s, Smorgasburg can be found in East River State Park in Williamsburg. On Sunday’s, the market is located in Prospect Park. The vendors are more or less the same on both days, despite the different locations.

In the past years, I’ve typically gone to the Williamsburg location, as it’s the “original”. But I found my visit to the Prospect Park Smorgasburg this year to be much more enjoyable. The space is bigger and the crowds are much lower than its Saturday counterpart.

I endeavored to try completely new items this time instead of sticking with my tried and true favorites (Big Mozz, I’m looking at you!). Here’s a recap of what we ate:

From Mao’s Bao, jen bao, or pan-fried soup buns. These were sold 4 for $10.


From CBao Asian Buns, we had the Peking Duck Bun. These buns were a lot larger than your standard Peking duck bun, to make up for the $10 price tag.


From Tori-San, I had the Japanese Fried Chicken ($10). The friend chicken was super juicy on the inside and very crispy on the outside. I chose to pair it with the wasabi mayo.


From Petisco Brazuca, I had their Coxinha, which are tiny fried potato dough balls that are covered with bread crumbs. I opted for the two filling option – cheese and spinach/cream cheese. I absolutely loved these! The inside was all melty and gooey. Look at the cheese!


After eating a bunch of savory dishes, it was time for dessert! I had come with a mission in mind – to have Fluffy’s soufflé pancakes. I opted for the Blueberry Cheesecake ($10) flavor. The pancakes were decadent – but also very soft and delicate.


We also split an order of the churros from Dulcinea. Dulce de leche dipping sauce of course!


I have to put in a special shout out to this glorious raclette burger that was being served by visiting chef Donato Galvez of Stuntburger. It was a one weekend-only food stall, but it was glorious while it lasted. The burgers were cooked perfectly – a bit pink on the inside.


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