SushiNao is a newish sushi restaurant that opened a few months ago. Located in the heart of Chelsea, it offers a serene dining experience within the bustle and hustle of NYC. The restaurant offers 4 set menus at varying price points: Taste ($24), Delight ($34), Pleasure ($44), and Bliss ($54). There are also some a la carte options available.

All the sushi pieces are not paired with the traditional soy sauce, but rather, they all come pre-sauced by the sushi chef.


I had called to make reservations about a month in advance, since they do not allow online reservations for parties of 4 or more. We were seated immediately upon arrival and we all knew we would be doing the Bliss set menu – the set with the most to eat.

First to arrive was the Daily Carpaccio, which in our case, was salmon. I loved this dish. My friend even drank the sauce from the dish.


We also received some yummy Edamame to snack on in between courses.


Our first sushi course arrived shortly after the edamame. It featured: Yellowtail (1p), Tuna (2p), Salmon (2p), and Sea Bream (1p). The Sea Bream was the best bite of the plate. The white ponzu with shiso sauce it was glazed with really, really appealed to my palate. It was so light and refreshing!


After our first sushi course, we were given a Spicy Scallop Hand Roll. This was so yummy! Spicy scallop is one of my favorites.


We had a bit of a sushi break, as they brought over the Daily Special, which was a tuna carpaccio in a ponzu soy sauce. This was a nice, delightful bite.


Our last sushi course arrived shortly after the tuna carpaccio. It featured Albacore (1p), Greater Amberjack (1p), Sweet Shrimp (1p), Unagi (1p), Fluke (1p), and the Daily Special Sushi (1p). The sweet shrimp was my hands down favorite of the plate. It was so sweet! The sweet vinegar and yuzu pepper sauce that the chef used really helped highlight the natural flavors of the shrimp.


We finished off our dinner with the Daily Special Hand Roll, which was a black cod. This was good – but I definitely enjoyed the spicy scallop hand roll better. Remember to eat your hand rolls as soon as they’re brought to the table, as the rice will make the nori soggy and soft.


I was impressed by my meal at SushiNao. For the price that we paid, we definitely received a lot of food. If you’re the type of person that can sit back and trust the chef, SushiNao will definitely satisfy your sushi cravings. But if you’re looking for more control over your meal and a large menu, you might want to give them a skip.

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