Day 4 in Iceland

Day 4 in Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

There seem to be a lot of mixed reviews regarding the Blue Lagoon. Some people think it’s a huge manmade tourist trap that’s expensive and not real. Some people think it’s a really cool experience and would gladly pay the price to spend a few hours just soaking in some moisturizing silica water. I’m part of the latter. While I admit it is a bit of a tourist trap and very expensive, it’s something I think everyone should experience at least once if they go to Iceland.


I had pre-booked our Comfort Package tickets online along with a roundtrip bus transfer. The trip itself took maybe an hour and we arrived just in time for our time slot. The lockers are a bit hard to figure out as you pick an open one, put your stuff in, close it, and THEN scan your bracelet. I have no idea how they know it’s your locker to your bracelet when tons of people are scanning their bracelets for lockers close to yours.


You have to do a complete shower before you enter – I saw a ton of people showering with their bathing suits on, which you’re not supposed to do. I wish they enforce this rule a little better. After your shower, you enter the lagoon – either from the inside or by walking outside. There are hooks on the outside with numbers for you to hand your towel or robe. We brought our own flip flops so we left those by our towels as well.


The water is so warm and so soothing. We ended up throwing our original plans out the window and saying for almost 5 hours. First we went for our silica masks, which I think is pretty darn amazing. My pores felt smaller and I noticed fewer blackheads after we used them. Our Comfort Package included an Algae mask as well, which is meant to brighten and nourish your skin.



I wish there was something like the Blue Lagoon back home in NYC because I would be there all the damn time! It’s so relaxing and a great way to unwind during your vacation.


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