Day 6 in Iceland

Day 6 in Iceland – Old Ports, Chocolate Tours, and Geese

Our last 2 days in Iceland were pretty laid back. We moved back to Centerhotel Midgardur on Day 6 to make it easier to leave the next afternoon. Again, I cannot rave enough about both our AirBnB and Centerhotel Midgardur. They were both really great places to stay in – clean, airy, and conveniently located.

My day started off at Café Haiti, where we had a leisurely breakfast before exploring the Old Port area of Reykjavik. I love how a part of it is painted in bright turquoise blue. Check out these awesome quotes that go straight to my foodie soul!


After breakfast and a bit of exploration (I really meant we went to Bonus and Kronan and walked around the supermarkets for about 2 hours), we made our way over to the Onnom Chocolate Factory. The Onnom Chocolate Factory is located in the Old Port area of the city and offers one tour a day – at 2pm.

Our guide, Kyle, was super nice and very informative. He walked us through the process of how Onnom’s bean to bar chocolate is made. We got to try some choco nibs and he even made a chocolate cold brew for us to try. We sampled pretty much every single chocolate they had in the store, which was really helpful in our purchasing process. The chocolate bars here are also at least 400KR to 600KR cheaper than the stores in town. I may have gone a little bit overboard…


After our tour, we stopped by Valdis. It was on the way back to the main part of the city so we stopped in for a mid-afternoon treat. I had a single scoop of their Hawaii flavor, which was pineapple, coconut, and one more fruit. It was delightful! It was very fresh and light, just what I wanted after sampling so much chocolate at the factory!


We ended our day at Tjörnin, a prominent small lake in central Reykjavík. The lake is often visited by over 50 species of water birds. We definitely saw some geese, ducks, and swans. A lot of them were bobbing by looking for bread!


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